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We can already predict a number of QSR franchise trends for 2021, and they spell good news for franchises like Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™. It’s evident that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the restaurant industry, but we’re looking to the future. If you’re considering investing in a QSR franchise of your own, consider how some of these trends could impact your future business.

1. Comfort Food

If you’re unsure about which QSR franchise has the greatest likelihood of success in the post-COVID economy, consider that comfort food restaurants fared famously well during the pandemic. Eat This, Not That! defines comfort food: “We often categorize foods that aren’t healthy for us but make us feel happy as comfort staples… However, that definition may be a bit limiting as it excludes all other types of cuisine that make us feel good—which is oftentimes associated with a pleasant memory.” Miller’s Roast Beef certainly falls under the category of that definition! Since 1972 our restaurants have been serving up comfort foods such as our Thanksgiving and classic Roast Beef sandwich, onion rings, and much more. We use the highest quality Angus beef and don’t cut corners on preparation. Back in the beginning days of Miller’s, our team worked around the clock to ensure that we were offering our customers the best of the best. Today, we’ve built streamlined processes into our franchise system so you can leverage all of our trade secrets!

2. Food Delivery Apps

Rakuten Ready reports that during COVID-19, many people tried food delivery apps, like DoorDash, for the first time. While QSR franchises like Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ are already considered convenient, food delivery apps make it even more convenient for customers to access the foods they love and try new things. We’re proud that DoorDash delivers our food – ask us for more info on how we utilize these types of food delivery apps! 

3. Increased Demand for Convenience

QSR franchises have been growing steadily for years because of the convenience we have to offer. The expectation is for our $257 billion industry to grow by 5.1% (CAGR) through 2027. People love that restaurants like Miller’s Roast Beef allow them to access great food conveniently. Americans today are busier than ever, and our brand has been a constant for countless people for over 40 years. They love that they can stop in and grab their favorite meal consistently.  It’s true that other sandwich restaurants also offer convenience, but that’s where our dedication to quality comes in. We’re a family business, and we treat our customers like family – they’re at the heart of everything we do. That high level of service, combined with large portion sizes and a dedication to quality, sets us apart from the rest. 

Leveraging these QSR franchise trends is easier than ever when you partner with Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™. Contact us today to learn what it takes to get started!