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A lot of the larger sandwich brands are starting to disappear slowly, but Miller’s has been around for decades — our sandwich franchise has more to offer than just the typical pay and go fast-casual experience. Customers keep coming back to our shops because they know their experience will possess a personal touch that the competition can’t quite match. There is so much about the Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ franchise experience that is unique, so we’ve taken some time to break down three of those reasons. 

1. A Sandwich Franchise with a Relatable Story

If you’re someone who is looking to break free from the corporate world to build your own business, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to relate to Henry and Ruby Miller’s journey. Henry took a chance on a local restaurant franchise after realizing he was through with his unfulfilling manufacturing career. He became a franchise owner, and from there, Henry took away some valuable lessons that he brought to his brand in 1972, Miller’s Roast Beef. 

The Rhode Island-based sandwich shop was an instant hit with foodies from all around the area searching for a bite to eat that paired well with excellent service. From our first opening to our second, the Miller’s grew an understanding of what it takes to run a business in the restaurant industry so that they could pass along what they learned to the rest of their family. 

2. Time-Tested Concept 

The Millers knew the benefits of the franchise model early on but chose to wait before opening up to outside investors. Why? Because perfecting the business, establishing a reputation, and building a loyal following was most important. It wasn’t until 2010 that we started our expansion with a new location in Attleboro, Massachusetts. With Henry and Ruby’s grandson Roger Graham Jr. and wife Gwendolyn Graham at the helm, they were able to keep the business in the family.

One of the most important lessons that Henry said he learned from his first franchising experience was how important it was to support every franchisee. Before deciding to open up their sandwich franchise opportunity, they knew, strengthening their business model and their foundation of support was essential. In that time, they had overcome economic recessions and the COVID-19 pandemic, which shaped their perception of support even further. Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ has cleared every hurdle life has thrown their way, and now they know they can help new franchisees do the same.

3. We Understand Our Customer

There is no way Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ would be in the position we are in today if not for our amazing customers who come back every day, even during a global pandemic. The Miller’s Roast Beef franchise family isn’t limited to people who share a last name — it’s everyone who has supported our business in good times and bad. Customers’ cravings for quality bites bring them to us, and the shops’ warm home-like feel is what makes them stay. That’s something that a large brand name can’t replicate. As we grow, we will work closely with each new owner to make sure that they meet the same standard our customers expect. 

Do you want to learn more about our sandwich franchise opportunity? Please feel free to reach out to a member of the Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ team today.