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What does it cost to open a new restaurant, anyway? Our QSR franchise costs help you to answer that question. It’s a fact, one of the best things about partnering with a franchise like ours is that we have experience opening new locations, so we’ve developed a reliable estimate of what you can expect to spend. Independent restaurant owners need to try to account for everything on their own, making it easy to run into unexpected costs. When you partner with Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™, the likelihood of that occurring is significantly reduced! What you’ll ultimately spend on your new restaurant will depend on variables like location, which concept you choose, whether you opt to lease or own, and so forth. When you contact us, we can give you a more personalized estimate of what your QSR franchise costs could be. Here, get a look at some of the key numbers to consider.

The Total Estimated Initial Investment

We estimate that the investment in a new Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ franchise will start at around $391K and could go as high as $820,400. As we said above, that figure includes just about everything you’ll need to get your restaurant up and running. Our QSR franchise costs also come with comprehensive training and ongoing support that independent owners don’t enjoy. We’re a family business, and we see our franchisees as an extension of that family. That means we’re committed to helping you thrive!

A Breakdown of QSR Franchise Costs

The total initial investment, along with many other expenses, includes the following: 

Initial Franchise Fee: $40K This one-time fee helps to cover some of the costs associated with your onboarding. It grants you the right to operate under our brand name and helps us develop resources to support you better, such as marketing and training materials. 

Furniture, Fixtures, and Smallwares: $55K-$95K Again, what you ultimately end up spending in this category will depend on the size and layout of your unique restaurant. We’ll help you select the products that meet our brand standards and will establish your restaurant as another fixture of the Miller’s Roast Beef family.

Kitchen Equipment: $105K-$195K Having been in business since 1972, we know how to make a great roast beef sandwich – along with everything else on our menu! We’ll help get you set up with high-quality kitchen equipment that will get the job done efficiently. Because of our years of experience, we’ll also help ensure you’re getting it for a fair price. 

Signs: $15K-$35K You’ll need signage to catch the attention of new customers and keep your existing customers informed about specials and what’s new. As a well-established brand, we have a cache of marketing materials already designed for this purpose. By the way – be sure to ask us about the marketing assistance you can expect!

These are just a few of the key QSR franchise costs included in the Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ investment. Get in touch with us today for a more personalized estimate of what you can expect to spend.