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‘Meat’ What Makes Miller’s Roast Beef So Great: Certified Angus Beef®

Everyone knows about the incredible service they can expect from Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™. Family Serving Family® is one of the things we live by. But there’s something more than our people that makes our sandwiches so great. It’s our emphasis on quality ingredients. Only the absolute best meat can go into our roast beef sandwiches. That’s why we use Certified Angus Beef® brand for all our roast beef sandwiches. Certified Angus Beef is more than a buzzword. It’s a brand with a very specific set of standards that mean you’re dealing with some of the best beef around. But what is Certified Angus Beef and what makes it so special?

Dedicated to a Better Eating Experience

The story of the Certified Angus Beef brand began back in 1978. A group of ranchers and farmers, known for raising Angus cattle (a breed regarded for its marbling), got together and decided there should be a set of standards for what people can expect from Angus beef.

They came up with 10 scientific specifications that cover everything from the level of marbling (the white flecks of fat through a piece of beef that add juiciness and flavor) to the muscle content of the meat. The qualifications for what can be called Certified Angus Beef are so stringent that only three in ten Angus cattle make it into the brand.

Nicole Erceg, assistant director of communications for Certified Angus Beef, says that while other brands are content with simply being Angus beef, Certified Angus Beef takes it a step further.

“The thing about our brand is that you’ll hear a lot about Angus, and you’ll see a lot of brands in the market, but most of these brands stop at Angus. That’s where we start.”

Partnerships Built on Quality and Integrity

For a restaurant to become a licensee that can say it uses Certified Angus Beef, the restaurant has to prove that its product is the real deal. Every pound of Certified Angus Beef is tracked to ensure its destination lives up to the standards of the brand. Erceg says that it comes down to an establishment caring about the quality of its products and providing the best for its customers.

“It’s all about being honest with the consumer and having integrity,” she says. “Knowing that they want to have a great eating experience every time and starting with a product that you know will be able to provide that (experience).”

A Reputation for Family Values and the Best Ingredients

Since its founding in 1972, Miller’s Roast Beef has been dedicated to providing the best possible service and sandwiches to every one of its customers. That’s why Miller’s is committed to only using Certified Angus Beef, roasted fresh daily, for all of its roast beef sandwiches.

“We are proud to partner with Certified Angus Beef and commit to this brand. Our customers appreciate it and know that they are choosing something great!” says Gwendolyn Graham, president of Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™.

Erceg says that this commitment to quality is what helps separate Certified Angus Beef partners from other brands.

“When you see the care and attention to detail and the craftsmanship, no matter what cut is being served, it’s amazing to reflect on the artisanship that goes into putting beef on our plates,” Erceg says. “That goes for whether it’s a ribeye steak or a roast beef sandwich.”

Erceg explains that she feels the Certified Angus Beef logo and brand name are synonymous with quality in what customers have come to expect from restaurants serving its products.

“You know whether you walk into Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ or a grocery store that it’s a quality product and it’s a brand that you can trust.”

Expanding a Standard of Excellence

Customers are crazy for the high-quality Certified Angus Beef and friendly service of Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™. This level of consumer loyalty has led entrepreneurs to ask how they can become a part of the Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ family. The desire to join an established brand is understandable. Building a trusted brand takes years, and with an established reputation, franchisees are set up for success before they ever open their doors.

Erceg says that she feels customers associate a certain level of excellence with restaurants that serve Certified Angus Beef.

“I think when a consumer walks into a restaurant and sees the  certified Angus Beef logo on the menu they know that the restaurant cares about quality and cares about premium products and provides a good eating experience.”

The quality of Certified Angus Beef speaks for itself, and its partnership with Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ speaks volumes about both brands. People interested in becoming franchisees and developing their own relationship with Miller’s Roast Beef should download the franchise report for more information on what makes these locations such a success.

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