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Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, FastCasual has released its third annual “Women in the Lead,” series featuring some of the industry’s most innovative and successful female leaders. We chatted with 27 women who have worked hard to make it to the top of the corporate food chain, especially the c-suite, which, unfortunately, still lacks in female representation. It’s not just a restaurant industry problem, however.

Although women earn more bachelor’s degrees than men and ask for promotions, negotiate compensation and stay in the workforce at the same rates as men, they’re less likely to be hired for manager roles, according to “Women in the Workplace 2018,” a report by McKinsey & Company and, which studied the entire workforce in the United States. Female workers also face a bigger gap when it comes to being promoted into management roles. For every 100 men promoted to management only 79 women are, and it’s worse for women of color.