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Everyone loves Miller’s. This sentiment is repeated time and time again. But the best part about this love is that it is reciprocated. Miller’s Roast Beef has become a staple in each community it serves, and our customers feel like family when they walk through the doors. That is why it is very common to see Miller’s giving back in the community.

When Lisa Orsini went on a mission to try to fund a dance class called Chance to Dance for her students at a high-poverty school in the area, she knew she would be able to count on Miller’s Roast Beef. Lisa called Miller’s, and, while there were many businesses that never even called her back, Lisa received a call back from Gwendolyn Graham, the president of Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™, the next day wanting to know how Miller’s could help.

“Miller’s is always good about donating gift cards or other gifts to those who are trying to help in the community,” says Lisa. “The gift from Miller’s definitely helped our kids, and we are excited to see what we can do in the future.”

Diners feel like family when they visit Miller’s, and their love and loyalty has led to our success. Miller’s reciprocates that support by giving back to the communities it serves.

Miller's Roast Beef

Have Specific Passions

Community engagement is an important factor to consider when thinking about any business but especially small, independently-owned businesses like franchises. There are multiple ways to ensure your business is a benefit to your community, but it’s helpful to have a specific focus. At Miller’s, we try to give back to as many causes as possible, but we specifically try to help children and the military. Members of the next generation and Americans who have served our country have a special place in our hearts. Focusing on these causes helps drive certain goals and demonstrates our values to our customers.

Know Your Community

The next important factor is to know your community. The International Franchise Association published an article about this very thing, emphasizing the importance of knowing your strengths and how you can best help your community.

Both Miller’s locations in East Providence, Rhode Island and South Attleboro, Massachusetts are essential to their respective neighborhoods. We get to know our diners and cater to their needs accordingly. New franchisees will have similar success by following the Miller’s business model, which encourages owners to learn about their communities.

Partner With Community Members

You don’t have to solve all of the community’s needs alone. A great way to engage with your community, help others and meet great partners, is to collaborate in larger benefits. One great example is Miller’s Roast Beef’s partnership with the local police department in East Providence. Every year, Miller’s donates to the department’s fundraiser for the Special Olympics called the Polar Plunge.

“We know that we can count on Miller’s every year,” says Sergeant Diogo Mello, the director of the Polar Plunge. “Everyone loves Miller’s, and we know they want to be involved in our community.”

Treat Your Community Like Family

“We always put people first, and we stand by our motto of family serving family,” says Gwen Graham. “We, of course, are always serving our family the best roast beef sandwich possible, but we also want to help our family out when they need it. That’s what being family is all about.”

Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ is a third-generation family business that has been serving simply good food since 1972. Our secret is putting people first. From offering fundraising opportunities to collaborating with nonprofits, we are always looking for ways to treat our customers and community like family.

If you are looking for an opportunity to start a business in your community that will become part of your community’s family, look no further than Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™. For more information about franchising opportunities or how to increase community engagement in your business, contact us at or (844) 672-3726.

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