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Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™A Family-Owned Business to Survive the Ages

When Roger and Gwendolyn Graham took over ownership of Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™, they became the latest in the line of succession tasked with feeding hungry families. They also cemented the brand’s name in a small but impressive list of family-owned businesses that make it to the third generation.

Perhaps it’s the satisfying roast beef sandwiches that have been enticing customers to keep coming back. It could be the business model that the owners successfully adapted through the decades. Maybe it’s the family bond that diners feel when they walk through the doors and sit down for meals.

Any way you slice it, Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ is one of the few family-owned businesses to last three generations. Now, interested entrepreneurs can become members of the family as well.

Miller’s Roast Beef Beats the Odds

 An estimated 12 percent of family businesses are expected to make it to a third generation, according to a report by multinational professional services network PwC. Making the transition from the start-up entrepreneur to a more structured organization can be difficult. Only about a third of family businesses even make it beyond the first generation, according to the same report.

“We are blessed to be able to continue a business that has a built-in customer base that’s so tightly ingrained in the community,” explains Gwendolyn. “Getting to continue serving a community where the roots are so deeply planted has been more rewarding than we can describe. We took what the first two generations worked so hard to build and further strengthened this organization. We are looking forward to expanding the Miller’s brand so that others may have the opportunity to create a generational business for their families.”

In an age when customers want authentic, healthy food — and they want it fast — Miller’s does the trick. Miller’s responsibly sources its roast beef from family ranchers, and the sandwiches are prepared using the highest quality ingredients possible. The roast beef at Miller’s contains one ingredient only: beef. No salt, additives, or preservatives.

“Customers can see and taste the difference. It’s important to them, and that’s important to us,” says Roger. “Providing diners with the food and the experience they crave is part of why Miller’s continues to thrive into a third generation.”

Miller's Roast Beef staff shirt

“Seeing the satisfaction our product and service brings the customers is amazing,” says Gwendolyn. “There’s something very unique about the customer base in a third-generation business. It’s very personal because our customers have been coming for years and now bring their children, and in some cases their grandchildren, to experience the magic that makes up Miller’s.”

A highly refined business model keeps Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ relevant now and ensures a promising future. Serving authentic, slow-roasted roast beef certainly entices well-seasoned food connoisseurs to keep coming back. But it’s about more than that. Staff members at Miller’s have been working towards achieving operational perfection since the restaurant first opened, and now the restaurants consistently sell thousands and thousands of sandwiches every year.

The East Providence, Rhode Island location has been around since 1972, and Roger and Gwendolyn opened a second restaurant in Attleboro, Massachusetts in 2010. The latter was the first step toward turning Miller’s into a franchise. They have opened the doors for other interested entrepreneurs to join in their family’s success… perhaps beginning other lines of family ownership among potential franchisees.

And with two young children helping out, there is certainly the possibility of a fourth generation of Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ owners.

“Who knows what the future will bring,” shares Gwendolyn. “It would be awesome if one or both of our sons had an interest in the business when they’re able to make that decision. For them to be successful as fourth-generation owners, it will be beneficial for them to experience other opportunities and businesses first before making the commitment to the Miller’s brand.”

The next generation has time to explore since Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ has success and longevity on the menu. The decades aren’t doing anything to slow it down.

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