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A good meal carries much more weight than just food for sustenance. It’s often shared experiences with those who mean the most to you. Certain meals can elicit strong emotions, to the extent that just the smell of a particular food can take you back 10 years to a favorite place, a special memory, or even simply your hometown.

 A Commitment to Tradition

For one proud family about to send a young man off to the Naval Academy, Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ will always be a special memory. The future Navy officer wanted to enjoy a Miller’s roast beef sandwich and fries with his family as his last hometown meal before leaving East Providence, Rhode Island. When the staff at Miller’s realized this, they quietly took care of the family’s meal… allowing the family to focus on their time together. This experience is a happy memory the family will cherish as they wait to experience their next family meal at Miller’s Roast Beef.

Now, imagine a family who is only afforded the opportunity to eat out once a week, after they have saved all week to do so. A very common practice; and one particular family frequently chose to eat at Miller’s Roast Beef for their splurge meal. The son in this family then made it his goal when he grew up to be able to eat at Miller’s Roast Beef every day if he so chose. Miller’s Roast Beef became an economic and lifestyle goal for him; even more so than a great lunch choice.

Spending time with loved ones often centers around a meal, and the experience can create lasting and significant memories. For one woman named Dar, Miller’s Roast Beef will always remind her of a special time with her mother. She and her mother stopped into Miller’s after a doctor’s appointment. They both enjoyed a roast beef sandwich and her mother’s favorite — onion rings. Little did Dar know that her mother would pass away not long after that. Ever since, Miller’s Roast Beef is a reminder of the wonderful day they spent together.

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We all take food for granted now and then. Especially when you are not allowed to eat solid food, you begin to crave certain things. For a young girl who suffered injuries in a car accident, Miller’s was her first request for food when she was cleared to eat it! When Miller’s found this out, the staff made sure that one of their biggest fans not only had a Miller’s roast beef sandwich in the hospital but also an entire gift basket full of items.

The community loves Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™, and customers are sharing their feelings on social media. Kay writes, “I’ve been going to Miller’s for over 25 years.” Lori says, “Miller’s was my first job in high school.” “Miller’s is my first stop when I go back home,” says Dorothy, a sentiment shared with many others who moved away from their hometown. Paul says, “This is a great way to start Monday and end Friday and enjoy a few days in between.” Because of Miller’s connection to the community, the restaurant is often the center of emotional stories like the ones above. It is the center of so many people’s everyday lives. Miller’s has become a family tradition.

This restaurant and the people there have worked their way into these people’s lives in one way or another. They offer so much more than a phenomenal roast beef sandwich — they provide a remarkable experience for every customer. This would be enough for a restaurant to thrive; however, Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ is not your typical restaurant. Miller’s Roast Beef loves the community just as much as the community loves them. They recognize that their meals have become such an important part of many lives and do not take that for granted. They count it a privilege to treat their community like family.

Whether Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ represents a higher goal for you or has taken on the persona of “home,” Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ is an important part of this community. We know that an outstanding meal, served by people who truly care about the community, can have a lasting effect on people’s lives, so we want to expand that experience.

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