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Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ has an exciting sandwich franchise opportunity for anyone looking to open a restaurant of their own. We know there’s no shortage of restaurant franchises to choose from, but Miller’s is a great option for investors looking to break the mold. We’ve been a family business since we opened our doors in 1972. Treating our customers right means everything to us, and because we’ve always put them first, they’ve helped us succeed. 

Now, we’ve opened our model up to franchising so that even more communities can enjoy our unique and highly-regarded menu. While opening a single location is a discerning way to get started, opening multiple units can help you see an even stronger return on your investment. Learn more about the benefits of our multi-unit sandwich shop franchise opportunities here.

Why Choose a Multi-Unit Sandwich Franchise Opportunity?

While no one can ultimately predict how any new business will perform, the logic is simple: more locations = more potential for profit. You’ll be serving more customers across a wider area, and will have more opportunities to develop a loyal customer base. The Balance Small Business reports: “While a Multi-Unit Franchisee certainly requires a higher investment level, it also provides more stability and a higher expected rate of success, as they are not reliant on only one location to be successful.” 

In addition to bringing in more revenue, running multiple locations also allows you to save money in key areas. Marketing campaigns, for instance. Frequently, a single marketing campaign can drive customers to multiple locations within a territory, giving you more substantial returns for your marketing spend. 

Operating more than one Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ also gives you more opportunities to recruit and retain exceptional employees. Highly-motivated employees want to know there’s room for them to move up, and the more locations you have, the more management positions you’ll have to offer. It’s a perfect way to incentivize and retain the most effective employees to help you run your business.

When you contact us, be sure to ask about the financial incentives Miller’s Roast Beef has to offer for opening multiple locations! 

Why Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™?

We know you have numerous sandwich shop franchise opportunities to choose from, so why Miller’s Roast Beef? For one thing, opening one of our restaurants is substantially cost-effective. Because of this low barrier to entry, it’s possible to open up a new Miller’s Roast Beef location for as little as $390,700. We can help you identify the most suitable prospective locations in your territory to help you see strong returns on your investment.

Perhaps the best reason to choose Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ is that we stand out to customers. We responsibly source our high-quality Angus Beef from ranchers across the U.S. Then, we slow roast it, leading to incomparable flavor. We offer unique menu items that are hard to come by elsewhere, like our year-round Thanksgiving sandwich. It’s this attention to detail that has been one of the competitive advantages that’s helped us to stand out in the industry for 50 years.

Contact Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™today to learn more about what it takes to invest in multiple locations.