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Family Serving Family®: A New Generation of Miller’s Roast Beef®

Happy and hungry diners have been getting their fill of Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ for almost half a century. Customers who remember enjoying Miller’s signature roast beef sandwiches as children are now bringing their children to experience the magic. It’s a fast-casual dining experience that has satisfied several generations, and the same family has been serving them since the beginning. Now, with the third generation of family owners at the helm, Miller’s Roast Beef is expanding. Roger and Gwendolyn Graham are delighted to be able to partner with like-minded individuals who share their passion for success.

A New Generation of Owners

Miller’s slogan, Family Serving Family®, represents the heart of the business since the first day the doors opened almost 50 years ago.

“It’s not about just making great food, it is also about how you treat people,” says Gwendolyn. “From your customers to your team members and vendors, it’s about putting people first and making them your priority.”

Henry and Ruby Miller opened the first Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ in 1972 in East Providence, Rhode Island. Eventually, their daughter Ruth took over the business with her husband, Roger Sr. Almost 50 years later the third generation is now at the helm, focused on strengthening and growing the brand while looking forward to the future.

A Loyal Following

It’s no secret that Miller’s has a loyal fan base. Customers keep coming back for their favorite high-quality roast beef sandwiches cooked in house every day and freshly sliced to order. Other fan favorites, such as the grilled pastrami, Thanksgiving sandwiches and the crinkle cut fries, are also part of the secret that keeps customers craving more.

“We’re blessed to be able to continue a thriving business that has a built-in customer base that’s tightly ingrained in the community,” admits Gwendolyn. “We are committed to working hard every day to continue the legacy of what the first two generations created. The keys to being successful are hard work, determination and having a passion for what you do.”

The current owners use their combined backgrounds in accounting, technology and education to make informed decisions that only strengthen the brand. They didn’t grow up in the restaurant business — not even Roger Jr., whose parents insisted he get outside experience first.

“We were able to develop our skills in other environments throughout the years and have experiences that helped us learn how to handle situations. That has made us able to successfully transition into being business owners,” says Gwendolyn, who had careers in accounting, information technology and education. “Those experiences help guide us every day when situations arise that require attention.”

Serving Future Generations

In 2010, Gwendolyn and Roger opened Miller’s second location in Attleboro, Massachusetts. With franchising in mind at the time, they wanted to ensure that the model was able to be replicated and could translate over into a new community and be done well. The restaurant was a test, and it passed.

“It gives us confidence that our operations and systems are tight; our brand is strong and needed in new communities,” says Gwendolyn.

With happy customers crowding the tables at two successful restaurants, the Grahams are ready to expand into franchising. They want families in additional communities to experience the satisfaction of Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™, and they want to see other entrepreneurs benefit from their success.

“Our top priority is to ensure our franchisees (whom we call family) have our attention, have the proper systems and tools in place, and are supported so that they can focus their efforts on running their businesses,” says Gwendolyn.

Interested entrepreneurs who want to open a Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ restaurant of their own will have the added benefit of working directly with the Grahams. They’ve already experienced the challenges that come with operating a restaurant. In the end, they’re looking for passionate and committed individuals who can help Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ continue to serve future generations to come.

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