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Miller's Roast Beef

For example, many declining fast casual brands heavily depend on drive-thru and delivery to make sales, but for Miller’s, that style of service has never been something we depend on. Our customers feel at home when they walk through our doors; it’s part of the full Miller’s experience, so when COVID-19 hit, our customer’s face-to-face sales were interrupted. We found ourselves faced with a pandemic that limited those personal interactions; we had to find a way to pivot while maintaining our gold standard for high-quality food made with the same love and care.

So, the Miller’s team went to work…
  • All of our sales were moved 100% to a curbside service so that we could continue feeding our loyal customers who might not have felt comfortable getting out of their car or walking into a crowded grocery store.
  • Miller’s fanatics were able to open up a device, place an order on our website, mobile app or directly at car side with our handheld ordering devices – and pick-up their meals at a nearby Miller’s location.
  • Since we were already integrated directly with 3rd party ordering platforms, we were able to supplement sales immediately when the pandemic hit and recognize revenue immediately through this channel.
  • We pivoted our marketing strategy, increasing our social digital presence to let our customers know we were here and assured them that we will make it through together. We encourage customers through incentive programs and generated new customers through digital marketing campaigns. We also invited customers to try something new off our menu that they might not have tasted.

Our Service Thrived and never skipped a beat

Miller's Roast Beef

We’ve seen incredible success with this transition, and now, all Miller’s Roast Beef locations can offer that curbside business as an additional stream of revenue.

That’s all to say; we are always looking for ways to improve. No matter what any QSR or fast-food brand tells you, no process is perfect. But, after overcoming the Great Recession in 2010 and now COVID-19 10 years later, we can confidently say that Miller’s Roast Beef is pandemic-proof. 

If you’d like to learn more about our investment, the Miller’s Famous Sandwiches™ franchise fee, or any of the financial requirements, please contact a member of our team today.